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Admiral Samuel Du Pont, USN - NPG-8200224C_1Kit Carson - 00514George Greene - 05810General Richard Ewell - NPG_2001_35Erwin Rommel - I10126General James Longstreet - 4208532223James Fagan - NPG_81_M718Gen. Sterling Price, C.S.A.  - NPG_2001_40Interior view of Confederate fort, east of W. & A. Railroad, Atlanta, GA - 03395Robert Toombs - 03736Robert Toombs - 03981Major General Lafayette McLaws, C.S.A. - 3a00276Lewis Hine: Empire State Building, 1930 - I10125Little Roundtop, Gettysburg, PA - 04003Lewis Hine: Power house mechanic working on steam pump - 69-RH-4L-2Colonels Orlando M. Poe & Orville E. Babcock at Fort Sanders, Knoxville, Tenn. - 35100-35175Guns of Fort Johnson, Ft. Sumter in distance - 03095Charleston, S.C. Confederate torpedoes, shot, and shell in the Arsenal yard - 02383Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA - 01655Albert Einstein I10123

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