History in Full Color started out in 2009 with the idea to restore and colorize Civil War Stereo cards.  Soon our images became popular and our stereo cards began to be purchased by collectors.  Within a year we had requests for Civil War images as regular prints and not stereo cards, so we expanded to Civil War In Color.  In 2012 We had numerous requests to branch out beyond the Civil War so we opened History in Full Color and in keeping with out 3D roots, History In 3D.


Today History in Full Color is the parent company for CivilWarIn3D.comCivilWarInColor.com & HistoryIn3D.com.  Our main focus is on restoring and colorizing classic images from the past as well as provide color images such as recruiting posters and NASA Hubble images.


If there are images that you would like to see, we would love to hear from you.