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We want to see that past as it was lived - In Color!

The team at History in Full Color restores and colorizes images from the past.  Our images range from photographs taken in the 1850's to images taken today.  Our customers often tell us that the color reveals hidden details in the stories the images tell us about the people, places and history.  Our team is constantly adding new images from different time periods.

We welcome image requests.

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Guestbook for History In Full Color
Brian Posey(non-registered)
I am delighted with the quality of the pictures (2 of them) that I ordered. I am a repeat customer and am always amazed at the high level of effort that goes into making the colors as accurate as possible. I HIGHLY recommend these guys.
Andrea Herrde(non-registered)
Ganz wunderbar, tolle Arbeit! Wie schon jemand geschrieben hat, hier werden wirklich Personen wieder zum Leben erweckt.
Fantastic! I'm glad you sent the link to your site.
Kind regards, your Faraway Friend ;-)
Dennis St. Andrew--Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War(non-registered)
Received my color print of General Judson Kilpatrick recently. It was printed on the paper size that I wanted and I will have it framed with an autograph of the General (Little Kill). The
photo looks great!
History In Full Color
It is possible to order images for almost any country in the world. We offer images in US$ for US/Canada. Australian $ for Austraila/Asia. UK ₤ for Great Britain and Euro € for the rest of the world. For Brazil you would need to order images using the Euro € as our vendor can not directly support the Brazilian Real.

I would like to buy one of your pics. Do you send for Brasil?

thanks and congratulations! :D