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We want to see that past as it was lived - In Color!

The team at History in Full Color restores and colorizes images from the past.  Our images range from photographs taken in the 1850's to images taken today.  Our customers often tell us that the color reveals hidden details in the stories the images tell us about the people, places and history.  Our team is constantly adding new images from different time periods.

We welcome image requests.

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Guestbook for History In Full Color
Eckhard Konkel(non-registered)
You have created an impressive and inspiring body of work.
Kathleen Lubin(non-registered)
Great photos, Thank you!
Shira Granger(non-registered)
I had just seen your work and it is pretty good and appreciating.
Lisa Gruneich(non-registered)
I have been on your site looking at the photos for hours! Yours are the best I have ever seen. Thank you for doing what you do so well so that others can enjoy.
nitrofd (mitch werksman)(non-registered)
I see your pics and comments and I enjoy your work.can't wait for tonight's show on the history channe.......mitch