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49621 SL04143 SLFrederick Douglass - NARA-558770 SLHarriett Tubman - 54230 SLJailhouse Rock BlueJailhouse Rock PinkJailhouse rock yellowJailhouse rock green02862 SLI10099 SL05089 - Maj. Gen. Franz SigelCol. G. Lyon, 8th N.Y.S.M. - 06286Generals of the Army of the Potomac: Gouverneur K. Warren, William H. French, George G. Meade, Henry J. Hunt, Andrew A. Humphreys, George Sykes - 03981General French - 037601s02529 SL05652 SLWilliam Seward and daughter Frances Adeline SewardBrig. Gen. Alfred W. Ellet - 0561301058 - Young Drivers and Trapper Boy, Brown Mine, Brown, W. Va518389 - West Virginia Coal Miner at home

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