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1s02529 SL05652 SLWilliam Seward and daughter Frances Adeline SewardBrig. Gen. Alfred W. Ellet - 0561301058 - Young Drivers and Trapper Boy, Brown Mine, Brown, W. Va518389 - West Virginia Coal Miner at homeI10080 - B-17's on Boeing plant in Seattle8b31110 - Logging train in Washington State - 19301s01641 - Sai-ar's home, Ute Indian Teepee3c13102 - Mormon pioneers about to enter Salt Lake Valley, 1912 reenactmentI10077 - Casey Jones and Locomotive 638I10078 - Casey Jones519427 - Column of cavalry, artillery, and wagons, commanded by Gen. George A. Custer, crossing the plains of Dakota TerritoryI10076 - Seth BullockLarry Ellison3c27591 - Sod Farm in North Dakota8b31110 - Logging Train in New HampshireChief Standing Bear10600 - Sod House, Custer County NEI10065 - Picking cotton in Mississippi

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